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  • Fostering an Inclusive Environment: Empowering Individuals to Build Meaningful Relationships
    Friday, August 7, 12:00-2:00pm, PPV Gazebo 1
    • Good conversational skills and sound relationship building techniques are critically important to career and personal growth for both academics and practitioners. This PDW will teach empowerment and inclusion tools to improve networking effectiveness. Join us to help break down feelings of exclusion within our academy.


  • Changing the Conversation about Work-Life in the Academy to Transform Organizations
    Saturday, August 8, 2:45-4:45pm, PPV Crystal Pavilion Ballroom B
    • The purpose of this workshop is to expand the discussion of work-life issues among management academics. Our goal is to begin to develop relationships and concrete ideas for effecting changes that might improve governance by making it more inclusive.


  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Academy: A Town Hall Meeting and Connections Cafe
    Saturday, August 8, 2:00-4:00pm and 4:15-5:45pm,
    Fairmont Waterfront Hotel Mackenzie Room 1
    • At this highly interactive Town Hall session, the focus is on participant sharing of inclusion experiences in the Academy, ideas about how to make AOM more inclusive, and best Divisional practices at AOM for diversity and inclusion. Following the Town Hall, you are invited to connect with other members at our friendly Connections Café social mixer.


  • Writing (and talking) differently about diversity: Addressing the normalization of othering
    • Saturday, August 8, 5-7:30pm, PPV Crystal Pavilion Ballroom B
    • The purpose of this PDW is to address the normalization of othering and to further promote and establish practices of inclusive language use in writing and talking.



Our program culminates to an All Academy Theme workshop on opening governance for diversity and inclusion at AOM with a panel of current and past presidents:


Opening governance for diversity and inclusion in the Academy, Sunday, August 9, 3:15 am-5:15pm, Fairmont Waterfront Hotel: Waterfront Ballroom A.

This is a unique opportunity to listen to and quiz our impressive panel of leaders, such as Paul Adler, Duane Ireland, Rosalie Tung, and Anne Tsui. Participants will gain an appreciation of opening governance within the AOM, and can take the lessons back to inform their own pedagogy, research and institutional practice.

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About D&ITC

The Diversity and Inclusion Theme Committee (D&ITC) was established in 2010 by AOM President Susan Jackson and the AOM Board of Governors, with a charge to ensure that the Academy fully supports and leverages the scholarly contributions of its diverse members and contributes to their professional development.

The D&ITC’s mission is to provide learning and outreach opportunities that foster a more diverse and inclusive AOM community.  The Committee’s work is guided by the following core values:

  • 1. Diversity is all of the multiple lines of difference that characterize our current and future membership.
  • 2. Inclusion means that all members have the opportunity to be represented, to have their voices heard and valued, and to have influence on the AOM;
  • 3. Inclusion requires identifying and removing barriers to all members’ full participation in the activities and decision-making of the AOM;
  • 4. The growth and success of the AOM are dependent upon having a globally diverse perspective and broadening the scope and impact of our field; and
  • 5. The AOM will be strengthened and improved to the degree that we incorporate the knowledge and perspectives of its diverse membership and constituents.

Specifically, to accomplish its mission, the D&ITC can:

  • · Assist the Board and Division leaders in collecting and analyzing data concerning the professional needs of members from diverse backgrounds;
  • · In collaboration with the Divisions and other Theme Committees, provide opportunities for positive and appropriate interactions among members from diverse backgrounds;
  • · Respond to requests from Program Chairs and Journal Editors seeking names of reviewers from diverse backgrounds;
  • · Respond to requests from AOM leaders for possible nominees to be considered for governance positions;
  • · Assist in the identification and development of data that can be used to monitor members’ experiences vis-à-vis our stated values and promote an inclusive organizational climate;
  • · Sponsor or co-sponsor PDWs that reflect the Committee's charge;
  • · Serve as a liaison to AOM Affiliates, to obtain ideas and disseminate best practices;
  • · Provide input to the Board on Academy-sponsored initiatives related to the domain of the committee;
  • · Develop proposals for consideration through the AOM Strategic Doing website; and
  • · Recruit new members to build a robust pool of energetic committee members who will contribute to the committee's ability to carry out its charge.

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