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Network of Leadership Scholars

The Network of Leadership Scholars will provide a forum for people from varying backgrounds, disciplines, nationalities, and perspectives to come together and share ideas and knowledge regarding emerging theoretical and practical advancements related to the field(s) of leadership.

This networked community would serve to foster interconnectivity and create linkages with the goal of significantly advancing frameworks for investigating and viewing leadership. It will help the Academy better meet the needs of its constituents of scholars and practitioners. Leadership represents a powerful social concern relative to business and nonprofit organizations, as well as to government, political, and economic issues. We are a community of scholars whose work can help bring visibility in many venues, particularly among practitioners, and regarding recent world events on business and political fronts (e.g., ethical leadership, corporate governance, public policy, the military, education, etc.). Our aspiration is that by formalizing this network we will:

  • help create new synergies capitalizing on the centrality of leadership to many areas
  • officially recognize what at least in the popular mind is a critical aspect of management--leadership.
At present we have:
  1. Formed a Steering Committee.
  2. Developed a newly revised Proposal. The previous proposal is here.
  3. Organized a PDW at the AOM in Hawaii. Go to Registration